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D-Queens - a Unique Dance Erotic Show from Moscow


Strange guests of the night Universe, D-QUEENS, quench a daylight of business galaxies weekly, being exploded by dances of lightnings on fiery dawns of the dance-megalopolis. There are three figures from another planet. They take a special place in the environment of creative elite, and not only for the excentric appearance. To come nearer to extravagant bare shaven goddesses it means to receive that attention and energy of which you always dreamed.


D-QUEENS – extraterrestrial muses, owners of the most sublime reason in the most free body, followers of philosophy of the great Isadora Duncan. There is plasticity of Ancient Greece in their dance and eclecticism of our time. These are beings whom it is better to see alive.


In the Russian nightclub entertainment hierarchy, dancers are not usually considered to be at the top of the pile. DJs, singers and MCs often command greater audiences. Yet there are a few dance shows out there that are changing the game. Over the last years, “D-Queens” show became increasingly visible, appearing on electronic music festivals, best clubbing events and in the music videos. Founded and led by the Artistic Director Mario Mitkov and the Producer Andrey Markeev, “D-Queens” aim to become a platform for the evolution of the club performance as a popular artform. Through their unique blend of next level contemporary dance, avant-garde style and outspoken challenge of social norms, they’ve risen to become one of the most exciting Moscow-based dance acts.


They satisfy the weakness to unusual feelings...

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