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ATTENTION, Nightclub Promoters, as well as the guests of nightclubs! Do not be scammed by fake performers! Do not arrange or attend parties with fake artists representing themselves as a dance show 'D-QUEENS' or DJ's. In recent months, numerous clubs in China have received proposals from the artists who introduced themselves as the show 'D-QUEENS' or DJ's. In many cases, they used our name, logo and entourage of 'D-QUEENS' (similar costumes and appearance) in order to give the appearance of authenticity and attract club promoters to buy their show to attract our fans and clubbers. The producers of the dance show 'D-QUEENS' would like to bring to your attention a few facts that certify the authenticity of the show: 1. The address of the official website of 'D-QUEENS' is: 2. The address of the official facebook-page of 'D-QUEENS' is: 3. The address of the official Instagram-page of 'D-QUEENS' is: 4. Do not let disorient yourself by fraudsters! If you find a website pretending to be our website, but you suspect that this site is fake, do not provide personal information to this site and report it to us by writing on our official e-mail address: D.QUEENS@MAIL.RU 5. If someone calls you and introduces himself as an employee of D-QUEENS, but you suspect that the person is not our representative, or you have received a fax or a letter from that person, contact us immediately! Our official telephone contacts are: + 7-963-7110886 , +7 903 233 22 71. Yours faithfully, Producers of 'D-QUEENS'

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