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120 days in a legendary city Cannes

A city washed by the azure water of the Mediterranean Sea. This city is one of the most attractive places on the planet.

The pleasant noises of surf, the ringing of the Bohemian crystal, the sounds of classical music surrounded by magnificent architecture of the modern French art with a soft beat of the latest electronic sets from the world’s best DJs , oh wow! What an atmosphere!

It’s just a part of what makes an inimitable and unique cacophony of the very center of social life on the French Riviera.

Back in 1888 Guy de Maupassant wrote about Cannes: "Princes, princes, princes everywhere".

In 2019 it was necessary to add - princes and queens! The show “D-QUEENS” visited Cannes and decorated the stage of the legendary Medusa restaurant and the iconic Gotha club with its presence.

D-Queens Cannes

The incidence of extremely important events like the beginning of the famous Cannes Film Festival and the beginning of the popular Russian show tour wasn’t a coincidence as in May one of the most expensive and fashionable cities of the Mediterranean , traditionally welcomes its star guests, filling the atmosphere with luxury and attracting the attention of attendees from around the world.

The soloists of the famous “D-QUEENS” project, Tilda Swinton, Juliana Moore, Mila Jovovich, Dita von Teese, as well as Vensal Kassel, Alain Delon, Quentin Tarantino and many other outstanding representatives of cinema and show business have visited this year the famous French city, filling in new pages in the history of the famous film festival.

D-Queens in Gotha Club Cannes

Staying in the city for all three summer months, the soloists of “D-QUEENS” were convinced that summer in Cannes is like an “after-party” of the brightest party crowned with laurels, which does not end as long as the glasses are full, as long as the marinas shine with snow-white yachts and as long as the shadows of the famous Cannes branches draw their unique ornament on the royal boulevard La Croisette.

It was absolutely grand tour that has left a lot of impressions and memories both for the performers of the project and for their outstanding audience as well.

Of course! The continuation follows .

Follow the posters and meet “D-QUEENS” in your city!

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