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Vivir Y Bailar

Bailando en la vida! We continue to introduce our marvelous dancers to you! Meet Esse, she came all the way from Cuba to become a part of D-Queens. Now she shares her story with you!

It’s hard to think when I started dancing. My parents always tell me that I was dancing since I was little. I love music and can’t stop myself from dancing when I hear the tune that I like. I was dancing all the time, so my parents decided that I should try out for ballet when I was 5. I got accepted and never stopped dancing since that day. My first professional experience was at cabaret El Tropicana in Havana. That was fun, but I felt that I can aim for something bigger than that. I think that you have to grab every big opportunity that comes your way because life is too short. One thing that I can tell you for sure is that I never thought that I will be moving to Moscow and perform in such magnificent show like D-Queens worldwide.



I remember the first time when I saw D-Queens on the internet, I was so inspired. I could feel their energy flowing through the screen. And the way they were dancing was different from what I was used to. This moment I knew that it’s time to move on, do something bigger, try new styles. This is the only way to grow as an artist. Luckily, I saw that D-Queens were looking for a new member and I thought that I should try it. I sent my photos and videos and got invited to live auditions. I started thinking. How can I leave everything? How can I travel all the way to Moscow? Different culture, different language, and 14-hour flight. That was challenging. I knew as well that I can’t miss a once in a lifetime opportunity like this. My family helped me big time, they always inspired me to dream big and have no fear, so I bought a one-way ticket to Moscow.



When you travel all that way, there is always a place for a cultural shock. The first thing that shocked me is that there were other girls from Russia who had to fly from another part of the country almost as long as I for an audition. Luckily, I was chosen to be the part of D-Queens and didn’t have to travel back. Once we started rehearsing, I had a new challenge. I had to adjust to the whole new style of dancing, with that I wanted to add a Latin touch to this whole new style. Both choreographer and girls helped me big time, they always told me to use it, to bring these cheerful and positive Latin vibes to the stage. Luckily, it worked out! Now we are looking forward to the next D-Queens worldwide tour and I’ve never been more excited!


The Dream

Right now, all I am thinking about is our upcoming tour. I can’t wait to speak with people of different cultures in the language that everyone understands — dancing. In the future, I want to be a choreographer, teach little girls dancing, share my own experience. I think it will be my mission in the future — sharing the things I’ve learned about dancing to raise more qualified dancers, D-Queens of the future!

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