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D-Queens act in the new film based on the novel by Victor Pelevin "Empire V"

The shooting of a fantasy film based on the novel of a cult writer is an event of great importance. The filming of this kind of movie started in Moscow in winter 2017. The scale is serious, the cast is impressive and strong. The dance group D-Queens got a rare chance to share a stage with Yuri Stoyanov, Natalia Andreichenko, Pavel Tabakov and other stars of Russian cinema. The eighth novel by Victor Pelevin "Empire V" is a tale of a superman.The events of the novel unfold in our time, and the main character, on behalf of whom the narrative goes, is about 20 years old. A special place in the "Empire V” is taken by corporations, the so-called "Fifth Empire", and corporate culture, in general.


The director and co-author of the script is the American film director and screenwriter Victor Ginzburg, who has already adapted Pelevin's novel "Generation P" in 2011. The director of photography is Alexei Rodionov, who previously participated in the creation of the film "Generation P", and is known to the audience for such works as "Go and See", "Penal Battalion" and "Admiral". In addition, the main role in the film was performed by the actor Pavel Tabakov - the son of Oleg Tabakov, a Soviet and Russian actor and the artistic director of the Moscow Art Theatre.

The Dancers of “D-Queens”, were happy in their new roles and put in all of their efforts into perfecting the characters. As for their impressions from the film shoot, they emphasize a lot of factors. "First, a good script, which greatly facilitated the work on our characters. It is unlikely that a good character can save a bad story. Secondly, the director, we were very lucky with Victor Ginzburg, he is simply genius. He has an incredible charisma and an amazing director's flair. It was very enriching to work with him. And, of course, the cast. Everything was in harmony. We can't wait for the film to release", D-Queens say.

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