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The Queens’ wonders in Merit Casino Bulgaria

Have you ever marveled, what will happen if you blend the Turkish stunning beauty with the Greek architecture ?

Well the outcome of such mix is the outstanding and fascinating city of Svilengrad. Svilengrad, the little Bulgarian Las Vegas that has plenty of marvelous casinos over 60 of them. Fortunately the newest, largest and best out of all those casinos is the queens’ unforgettable destination that stands next to Mustafa pasha “Cisr-i Mustafapaşa “ Bridge called Merit Grand Mosta Casino that has given the privilege to D-Queens dance show to carry out a long-term performance that lasts for 3 months (December 2019 & January, February 2020) via a unique invitation that is considered the first of its type in the history of merit casino.

With that being said it was indispensable to combine the two extraordinary shows D-Queens and Divine Show , just to exhibit their passion and proficiency.

It was necessary to arrive few days before their long stay to make sure that everything is set properly and adapt mentally, Spiritually and physically to the Bulgarian racy atmosphere.


Speaking about their first night show in Merit casino D-Queens and Divine Show were tremendously prepared and ready to rock performing absolutely amazing Two-style dance show that lasted for 30 minutes with more than 15 different choreographies and costumes, starting with an excellent and delightful Burlesque dance followed by second block which is more of hard rock music using spectacular costumes made of leather, metal and some sort of tough material cloth.

During that night the workmanship and dexterity of the girls were shown in their quick leverage to change costumes in a blink of an eye due to the plethora of movements and dances needed in limited time, also the ultimate ingenuity was proved when one of the girls couldn’t change her costume quickly as possible and yet she was able to join the other girls on stage completing the dance and nobody was able to notice any sort of change or inconsistency in the show.


Needless to say that D-Queens and Divine Show are having extremely fruitful and successful visit to Balkan nation.

Stay tuned always!

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