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Instagram Story: From a Follower to an Artist

Alena is a professional choreographer. Dancing was always her passion. She studied choreography at Saint-Petersburg University of the Humanities and Social Sciences. Now she is the part of D-Queens and shares her story with us.

A Hobby

When I think about my childhood, the first thing that comes to my head is dancing. It has always played an exceptional role in my life. I remember the first time when I performed on a stage, I saw the audience clapping and their eyes were shining. From that day, dancing began to be my main hobby and all I wanted is to give people these pure emotions.


A Way of Life

I always try to learn something new and shows that I see give me the inspiration to move forward. Everything has changed when I saw D-Queens live. They performed in the club where I worked in Tyumen. I was so amazed! The energy that D-Queens gave me that day changed something in me. I realized that I wanted to be a part of this unique show. I followed them on Instagram and watched their shows, tried to copy their moves. A little bit later, I saw an announcement about the new casting. I sent my portfolio and didn’t expect to see a reply, but I was invited to take part in the live audition. I was nervous, but excited. Once I got there, I saw so many girls, all of them looked fabulous. “What am I doing here?” — the voice in my head said. I realized that I have to overcome this stress otherwise I traveled more than a thousand miles for nothing. Once I got to the door, I took a deep breath and stress went away. I got through to the next round and got confident. I got through the second round as well, but things got really nervous when the third round started. There were only five of us left, Crème de la crème. We didn’t know the decision until the next day. I couldn’t sleep again. I’ve spent the whole time analyzing my every move during the audition. The next day my phone rang and I found out that I am part of the D-Queens team. From that day dancing started to be more than a hobby, it became a way of life.


The Biggest Challenge

Shaving my head was extremely challenging. I felt scared. Moving is challenging too, but I went through it before when I moved from Saint-Petersburg to Tyumen. And of course, I never had to shave my head before. I didn’t know how I would appear and feel. Luckily, everything worked out for me and I am a part of D-Queens now.

Team Work

Dancing is an incredible art. Sometimes your charisma and appearance are way more important than technique. One move can get the audience amazed. At the same time, you can’t dance professionally without proper skills and training. For me, the technique is more important. When you work in the team, all these little pieces become vital. You can’t stand out and show off too much. You need to find the right chemistry inside the team, play your role and add some of your own magic on top. I think that we have that chemistry inside D-Queens team, we always try to help each other.



People around me give me an inspiration. I love working with D-Queens, our team gives me energy. I am trying to improve and always ask my colleagues for an advice if I see that they do something better. They have their own experience and sharing is important.


I lived in Saint-Petersburg, Tyumen, and now I am living in Moscow. I always wanted to develop as an artist and as a person. With D-Queens I have that opportunity. I can’t find words to tell you how excited I am to perform our unique show for people all over the world together with D-Queens.

Stay tuned for updates and don’t miss a chance to see D-Queens live!

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