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We are happy to announce that D-Queens is now an international project!

The show presented a crowd and host highest acclaim programs in the United States of America!

The most talented dancers were selected from the best! Castings and rehearsals for girls took place in several cities - New York, Miami, Las Vegas and the City of Angels are just some of the fantastic places we visited in search of the perfect team members.

And we found them!!

Three exceptional divas!

Graceful, sexy, enticingly bold on stage and stunning in the experience of famous artists.

The first high-profile video presentation of the project was a collaboration with an outstanding artist - the legend of the American hip-hop scene, the infamous, daring Snoop Dogg, chose the project to participate in his new video.

It is a great honor and responsibility for us! But we are sure that there are no less bright and memorable collaborations ahead!

On stage, the premiere performance was a show in the heart of Los Angeles. More than 800 invited guests, including famous models, beloved by many musicians and stars of the Hollywood Olympus.

Now we are proud and pleased to celebrate that our project is known including yet beyond Russia, in many European and Asian countries, even in the main Mecca of the world entertainer, D-Queens is known, loved and invited to mesmerize the best evenings, wherever invited!

We are deeply grateful to Nicki Minaj and her managers for the invitation to the United States of America! Despite the fact of the pandemic, our joint plans have shifted a little, we still hope that we still have the opportunity to realize our dreams to make your experience beyond what you thought posible!

I invite you to see our succesfull world famous show D-Queens.

Complete your application now on our website and we will be in contact with you! It will be an honor to make your experience beyond amazing with our D-Queens!

See you soon!


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