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Hot Havana Dancer and Eccentric Fashion Model Join “D-QUEENS” Cast

In the Russian nightclub entertainment hierarchy, dancers are not usually considered to be at the top of the pile. DJs, singers and MCs often command greater audiences. Yet there are a few dance shows out there that are changing the game. Over the last years, “D-Queens” show became increasingly visible, appearing on electronic music festivals, best clubbing events and in the music videos. Founded and led by the Artistic Director Mario Mitkov and the Producer Andrey Markeev, “D-Queens” aim to become a platform for the evolution of the club performance as a popular artform. Through their unique blend of next level contemporary dance, avant-garde style and outspoken challenge of social norms, they’ve risen to become one of the most exciting Moscow-based dance acts.

“D-Queens” who exist for already almost a decade have announced two new members. The team has revamped its lineup with an extraordinary ex-Tropicana Cuban dancer Amaya and an eccentric fashion model Anna “The Blond”.

"We are so happy to welcome these two talented dancers to our family. We are grateful for their contributions to our mission, and are honored to work together”, says Mario Mitkov.

Exotic Cuban Vibes in “D-Queens” show


In her tropical country, she saw ice and snow only in films, photos and Christmas cards. Amaya was born in Cuba. Currently, she is one of Moscow’s top quality club dancers. In fact, in 2016, she has finally broken into the international club dance scene with her extraordinary choreography and officially inducted as a member of the renowned Moscow-based dance group “D-Queens”.

If you watch closely, you will see that her movements are more than a performance. Her dance tells a story. It is a story of sun and love. It is a story deeper than words, a story told through the language of dance.


In popular imagination, club go-go dancers embody the perfect femme fatale whose seductive power leads men to perdition. Within her story, Amaya is not just a nightclub dancer, but is a lot more. She is an independent woman, smart and self-assertive. Born in Havana, she reached fame thanks to “The Tropicana”, Cuba's oldest and most famous Cabaret, where Amaya performed for years.

With her brown skin and charismatic look she made herself, Amaya recounts touring Switzerland, the Balkans, Belgium and Russia with the “D-Queens” troupe before settling in Moscow.

"I was always interested in Russia and when we toured there I got a taste for its culture and people, I suppose," she says, explaining how she took up residence in the country's top nightclubs and festivals as “D-Queens” dancer and artist.

The Dance of the Fashion Eccentric


“People who watch me dance today sometimes assume I’ve been dancing for many years”, says Anna, a model and a new member of “D-Queens”. “I practiced everywhere - in the gym, at home, in the car standing still in traffic jams, in line at the grocery store… You don’t have to train hardcore for years to become a dancer, but you should crave to practice and be hungry for the motion”, confesses the dancer.

"I knew a dance performance career was something I wanted," she shares. Yet, when it came time to audition for “D-Queens”, she attended tryouts without believing she had a real chance of getting in. "I never thought it would happen. When I got the call saying I was accepted, I just fell to the ground."

To be a part of an established dance show, you have to choose dance every single day, and the dedication should be quite extreme," Anna admits. Self-discipline and sacrifice are part of the package. "I know that I've found my niche. I'm constantly stimulated by the other D-Queens around me… Although our days are difficult, and there are many times we get so down on ourselves, I know there is nothing that I would rather be doing."


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